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Aptamers have gained a lot of momentum in the past decade. It is worth highlighting that in 2005, Macugen became the first and the only USFDA approved aptamer drug for treating age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

It has been reported that more than 15 million people in the US suffer from AMD alone with 200,000 cases annually across North America.  This indicates a high unmet need of patients thus, paving a way for aptamer-based solutions due to their advantages over traditional antibody-based therapies.

This has led to rapid developments in the domain which can be attributed to various factors, such as number in the number of clinical trials, increased awareness about advantages offered by Aptamers as compared to antibodies, rise in the investment in the pharmaceutical research and development, along with rise in prevalence of chronic and rare diseases have contributed to the increase in the demand for Aptamers-based therapeutics and diagnostic solutions.

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Aptamers are developed through the SELEX process and over the years these have become primary tools for aptamer synthesis.

Over the past three decades, since the invention of SELEX by Larry Gold and Jack William in the 1990, the technology has seen several modifications to streamline and standardized aptamer-isolation process. These modifications substantially enhance efficiency / optimization to yield best possible aptamer or reduce the duration of the process.

Other noteworthy developments in modifications of Aptamers, include the addition of functional units of non-nucleic origin and nucleotide modifications, which further improves aptamer performance.

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